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Ghostrider Character Avatar :iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 2 0 Jaguar! Character Avatar :iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 3 0 Behemoth Character Avatar :iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 0 0 Pony Express Character Avatar :iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 2 0 Verbolten Aesthetic :iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 3 0 Impulse Aesthetic :iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 1 0 Colossus the Fire Dragon Aesthetic :iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 0 2
Excerpt 2 from THRILL:The Story of Coasters
                    ~*September 10th,2016.Cedar Point Convention Center."
                    The Coaster Nominees were sweating anxiously,while the man on the speaker announced the award for "Best Steel Rollercoaster." Everyone was nervous, but one was nervous inpraticular.Fury 325 was sitting out in the crowd anxiously.She wanted to win #1 this year. She was rocking back and forth in her chair anxiously while the announcer announced.The aquamarine ruffles scratched against her skin.
"Number 10: Phantoms Revenge!"
Her little sister Sky Rocket gave her a huge hug, Despite only winning 10th Place
"Number 9: Diamondback!"
Banshee squeezed her sister and Diamondback grinned with delight.
"Number 8: Intimidatior!
Fury nervously cocked her head towards Intimidatior and gave him a hand shake.Timmy smiled and shook off the excess sweat that spilled all over his hands.
Things started to go all a
:iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 0 2
An Excerpt from THRILL: The Story of Coasters
~*Friday,March 27,2015.Carowinds.*~
"What about that new person? That really big one? They just came back from Batavia"
 "I don't know Afterburn.They could be resting."
 "Nah, that doesn't matter! If they wakes up, they wakes up"
 "But they kinda can't wake up."
 "C'mon Timmy! We gotta see who they are!"
 "OK Fine.But I'm not gonna do any crazy dares or stupid stuff you want me to do with a sleeping body."
Intimadatior and Afterburn make their way down and opened a secret door inside what appeared to be a loading station.Slowly,Intimadatior creaks open the door.
"Oh...My..Gosh....." Intimadtior pauses infront of a teal and lime green bed.Tucked inside is a gorgeous girl with long aquamarine hair.Her mouth is slighty cracked open and her hands are wrapped around a aqua colored pillow.Although her ride didn't even open yet, her body appears to be around the age of 28.
"Awwww! Do you think she's hot Timmy? Huh?"
Intimadator did n
:iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 1 0
Fury 325 X Millennium Force Drabble
Moonlight:It illuminated on the lake
Summer:The cool air laps their body
Salty Air: It tickled their noses
Sand:The only thing they felt underneath
Love:The only feeling felt by the two
Murmur:Fury's calming coo warmed Mill's heart
Request:Millennium's grand response
Daring:Fury is ready and aiming
Sweat:Millennium's palms fill with it
Target:Fury fires her lips towards his
Gray:All Millennium could see(And which surprises me bcuz he's not I305)
Red: Fury's cheeks bloom responsively with a bright crimson
Lips:The only things the Mill could taste
Squinting: Fury's eyes do this sweetly
Chocolate:The only thing that Mill can smell
Giggling: Fury does it cutely
Relishing:Mill doesn't want to let go
Savoring:Fury keeps her lips
Glued:The lips lock in place
Breaking Point:They finally let go
Aquamarine: All is what Millennium can see
Trust: Fury feels this strongly with Millennium
Tenderly:Fury lays down and curls up in Millennium's lap
:iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 1 0
Millenium Force Stamp :iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 0 0 Intimdatior 305 Stamp :iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 0 0 Fury 325 Stamp :iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 0 0 Sketching :iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 1 0 ALL ABOARD THE MEME TRAIN CHOO CHOO :iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 0 0 A Meme I made for Ally :iconsakuramiku77:SakuraMiku77 0 0


Sugar sugar Puff! :iconpemiin:Pemiin 1,059 64 Sweet darkness :iconpemiin:Pemiin 753 32 Oh, Honey :iconpemiin:Pemiin 1,685 161 Pastel Princess :iconpemiin:Pemiin 814 71 Fahrvergnugen :iconmr-pink-rose:Mr-Pink-Rose 2 2 Peachy Princess :iconpemiin:Pemiin 1,792 211 Big Six keychains! :iconlankylunatic:LankyLunatic 6 8 Olympia Looping [Rudolph Barth] [10] :icondingrawd:DingRawD 3 1 Wilde Maus XXL [Max Eberhard] [3] :icondingrawd:DingRawD 3 0 Olympia Looping [Rudolph Barth] [9] :icondingrawd:DingRawD 1 0 Alpine Thriller [J. Manning / W. Thurston] [2] :icondingrawd:DingRawD 3 0 Gooseberry :iconshaienny:Shaienny 334 27 Alpina Bahn :iconfrenchshaker:FrenchShaker 2 0 Rita The Speed Queen :iconcolossusnightshade:ColossusNightshade 6 18 The Little Mermaid :iconmadmoiselleclau:madmoiselleclau 4,284 701 Junifa :iconstrawberrystar123:StrawberryStar123 11 6



Ghostrider Character Avatar
Behind all the excitement and screams, do roller coasters really have secret lives? The answer is,yes! Each Coaster is different with their own personality,strengths,and weaknesses. Take a joy ride beyond the amusement park and learn about these extraordinary people and their amazing adventures.
Jaguar! Character Avatar
Behind all the excitement and screams, do roller coasters really have secret lives? The answer is,yes! Each Coaster is different with their own personality,strengths,and weaknesses. Take a joy ride beyond the amusement park and learn about these extraordinary people and their amazing adventures.
Behemoth Character Avatar
Behind all the excitement and screams, do roller coasters really have secret lives? The answer is,yes! Each Coaster is different with their own personality,strengths,and weaknesses. Take a joy ride beyond the amusement park and learn about these extraordinary people and their amazing adventures.
Pony Express Character Avatar
Behind all the excitement and screams, do roller coasters really have secret lives? The answer is,yes! Each Coaster is different with their own personality,strengths,and weaknesses. Take a joy ride beyond the amusement park and learn about these extraordinary people and their amazing adventures.
Ughhh. This Coaster Trash polluted page needed this.

Kawaii Shoujo (Ah) [V1]


  Colossus the Fire Dragon and Dare Devil Dive(It's Impossible not to love)
  Jet Star 2 and Wicked Twister (Crazy duo)
  Impulse and Thunderbird (Why do I ship this)
  Verbolten and Apollo's Chariot (Oh my)
  Fury 325 and Millennium Force ('gets into fetal position, fake smiles while crying and internally screams.)

  Wicked and Cannibal(Why do I even like this)
  Spider and Wild Mouse(Lagoon) (They just like each other k?)
  Magnum and X-Flight (IDK I ever bother)
  Intimadatior 305 and Intimadatior (Prepare for trouble,and make it double!)
  Diamondback and Goliath(SFOG) (B&M are crying holy crap)

  SheKira and Griffon (BGW&BGT Ship 1)

  Alpengeist and Montu(BGW&BGT Ship 2)

  Flitzer and Tornado (The amazing duo that everyone forgets)

  Colossus and Stealth (Baddies are back in town)
  Goliath (Walibi) and Psyke Underground(What even is this ship)

  Xcelrator and Silver Bullet (A good old Intamin and B&M ship)

  Gatekeeper and Leviathan (They belong together please)

  Helix and Steel Dragon 2000 (Since when was this a thing)

  Dodonpa and Takabisha (I can't believe it's not Takabisha and SD2000! find at your local grocery retailer!)
  Alpina Blitz and Powder Keg (Powder Keg is slowly becoming French uh oh)

  Kingda Ka and TTD (Holy Crap does this make me happy)



  Voyage and Thunderbird (TB is already dating Impulse, but I loveeeeee this ship)

  Hydra and Talon (They're together so much, they're practically almost sisters)

  Nitro and Diamondback (I could see this)

  Lightning Run and Storm Chaser(Give it up for this ship folks)

  MindBender (SFOG) and Whizzer (Shy Schwarzkopfs)

  Boulder Dash and El Toro (Who doesn't love this ship? amiright?)

  Phoenix and Ravine Flyer II (Cute Pairing)

  Steel Dragon and Impulse (Kinda cute TBH)

  Phobia Phear coaster and Zoomerang (Wait this was a thing)
  Wildcat(Lake Compounce) and Comet(Waldameer) (Classic Woodies)
  Wild Eagle and Cobra's Curse (Don't hate me plz I beg you)
  Verbolten and Cheetah Hunt (BGW&BGT ship 3 holy crap)

  Loch Ness Monster and Tennessee Tornado (Aghhhhhhhh)

  Powder Keg and Thunderhead (They get along. It's fine)

  Mystery Mine and Wildfire (SDC) (I actually really enjoy this)
  Silver Star and Blue Fire (Random fun fact of the day: Blue Fire has a cheap cousin who lives in China She only cares about a dude named Sammy. PLOT TWIST:Sammy is a rock.)

  Loup Garou and Wodan Timbur (Why do I even....)

  Boomerang and Coast Rider (Is this OK?)
  Raven and Legend (I'm gonna stop with these side comments unless nessceary.)

  Banshee and Dominator

  Flight of Fear and Silver Streak

  Maverick and Behemoth

  Lightning Rod and Outlaw Run
  Valravn and Gatekeeper
  Leviathan and Fury 325 (ALLY GOT ME IN TO THIS)

  Verbolten and Firechaser Express (Wow, is Verbolten ship-able) 
  Raptor and Rougarou(Why do I like Inverts X Floorless ships so much?? The world may never know)

  Beast and Racer
  Olympia Looping X Alpina Bahn X Teststrecke


  Demon (SFGam) and Scorpion

  Looping Star and Shuttle Loop (Nagashima Babies)
  King (European Fair Circut) and Ultra Twister(Nagashima)

  Thunderation and Blazing Fury
  Stinger and Invertego
  Racer and Sierra Sidewinder (What in the World)
  Jaguar! and Montezoomas Revenge(Jaguar! actually likes "it" which i'm fine with because Jaguar! is kind)

  Powder Keg and Pony Express

  Sand Serpent and Fly

  Thunder Run (CW) and Vortex (KI)

  Wicked Twister and Vortex(KI) (VORTEX YOU CAN'T STEAL WT FROM JS SORRY)

 Pulsar and Atlantica Supersplash

 Speed of Sound and Xpress

 White Cyclone and Ravine Flyer II 

 Viper (SFGam) and Great American Scream Machine


  Stealth and Swarm
  Firehawk and GhostRider

  Adventure Express and Thunderation

  Raven and Wildcat (Lake Compounce)

  Fury 325 and I305 (SORRY ALLY)

  Millennium Force and Magnum

  Cobra (Walibi) and Zoomerang

  Raptor and Banshee



  Alpina Blitz and Fury 325 (TAKE THIS OFF EXSISTANCE)
  Magnum and White Roller Coaster (Lagoon) (WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK)

  Cannibal and Mindbender (SFOG) ('PUKES')

  Colossus the Fire Dragon and American Eagle (SFGam) (GROSS)


SakuraMiku77's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Pretty Pink Requests Open Stamp by Glycyrrhizicacid Pretty Pink Commissions Open Stamp by Glycyrrhizicacid Pretty Pink Art Trades Open Stamp by GlycyrrhizicacidHey there!You can call me Pineapple, since most of my account names are "CoasterPineapple". If you're wondering where the "Coaster" part comes from, it is a simple answer. I really like roller coasters!I enjoy making human versions of them(I have almost 160 of them.Yikes.).I'll usually use doll makers, such as Rinmaru Games Mega Anime Avatar Creator(Highly recommend you go check it out! Link is here {…}).Besides Roller Coasters, I like Magical Girl shows (Especially Sailor Moon and Precure!),Girly Stuf and just getting to spend time with my friends!(Which all of you guys are awesome!Thanks!)
I am open for request and commissions for humanized coasters (Points to pay please!)If you have any questions, feel free to note me!


I Love Rollercoasters by OdieFarber Stamp: Go! Princess Precure by LadyRebeccaStamps i hate undertale fans stamp (f2u) by dogjaws Millenium Force Stamp by SakuraMiku77 DokiDoki Precure Stamp by akarinamaron Sailor Moon Stamp by katcombs Being girly by Akanes-Stamps I love Narwhals by WishmasterAlchemist Dolphins - Stamp by Luv4Corky2 I'm a unicorn lover by pjuk The Fairytale Stamp by Mel-Rosey I'm a dog lover by pjuk I'm a cat lover by pjuk I'm a jellyfish lover by pjuk I'm a horse lover by pjuk Stamp - Pusheen by merurupururin Stamp - I Love Faeries by merurupururin Stamp - I Love Mermaids by merurupururin Stamp - I Love Funfetti by merurupururin Stamp - Donuts by merurupururin Stamp - Crybaby by merurupururin 50% glitter 50% anxiety (Stamp) by ghoulr Neon Colours by dawn-of-stamps I love techno stamp by ewotion Neon-Hearted by gnu32 Intimdatior 305 Stamp by SakuraMiku77 Roller Coaster Stamp by ABlackRose668 SBNO Roller Coaster stamp by sound-ninja-2008 I Heart Cupcakes stamp by smilekeeper I love Unicorns by WishmasterAlchemist I Heart Macaroni stamp by smilekeeper Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Stamp by YukiMiyasawa kyary transformation stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps not a brony/pegasister stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps FOOOOOOOD by stampsnstuff Pastelgoth stamp by stahmps Stamp - I love pastel space by faithful24 Stamp_Trashy trashy by Chivi-chivikStampity rainbow plastic stars stamp by catstam Smile Pretty Cure Stamp by ChibiGaia
UnseenArtists Stamp by DesiredAdoration Rollercoaster Stamp by Alyssabball98 Pink and Girly Stamp by mfcreative I love Bows by makeitstampy I Love cake stamp by Lustfulwish Stamp: I love The Beach by apparate
I love cute things stamp by mfcreative Opinion stamp by TheCynicalHound I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate :Precure Stamp: Happiness Charge Precure by xHoshiGalaxyx Oops I'm sad again (Stamp) by ghoulr Trash (Stamp) by ghoulr Don't be afraid to talk to me! (Stamp) by ghoulr Life is a rollercoaster by PixieRiot I Love Chocolate Stamp by mathyrawr Girly DA Page Stamp by Mel-Rosey Ribbons Stamp by milkyribbon Princess Stamp by Mel-Rosey for the aesthetic by ArcticLlama Stamp | Dreamer by CuteSight OCs Stamp by himawari-tan I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin I Love Cute Things by AlbinoSeaTurtle Cupcake stamp by Mel-Rosey Heart goes on by Tea-Strawberry uwu stamp by tamrieI flower stamp by aestheticstamps more stamp trash by ghoulr + don't give up! + by LittleRyuu Roller Coasters Stamp by SkylarWatson The Selection Stamp by TwilightProwler Fury 325 Stamp by SakuraMiku77

This stamp is special for: ColossusNightshade,Vanilla247,allykat4416 and Peaceroxi onTumblr! : friends are inspirations stamp by piijenius

Roller Coaster Bucket List (No certian order):

Colossus The Fire Dragon
Apollo's Chariot
Loch Ness Monster
Fury 325
Magnum XL-200
Millenium Force
Top Thrill Dragster
Intimadatior 305
El Toro
Kingda Ka
Dare Devil Dive
Goliath (SFOG)
Mind Bender
Raging Bull
Goliath (SFGAm)
X- Flight
Full Throttle
Goliath (SFMM)
Twisted Colossus

Superman the Ride (SFNE)
Wicked Cyclone
Phantom's Revenge
Boulder Dash
Ravine Flyer 2
Steel Dragon
Cheetah Hunt
Cobra's Curse
Lightning Run
Storm Chaser
Lightning Rod
Mystery Mine
Tennessee Tornado
Wild Eagle
Outlaw Run
Powder Keg
Wildfire (SDC)
Montezooma's Revenge
Silver Bullet
Nemesis Inferno
Blue Fire
Silver Star
Psyke Underground
Lost Gravity
Speed of Sound
Alpina Blitz
Looping Star
Shuttle Star
Steel Dragon 2000
Ultra Twister
Olympia Looping
Alpina Bahn
Wild Thing
Expedition Geforce
New Texas Giant
Iron Rattler
Black Mamba
Goliath(La Ronde)

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